CCTV News Report: Nanometer materials films convert glassware into solar cells

On 31th May, Noon News broadcasted by CCTV 1 and China Today by CCTV 13 have respectively reported the printable mesoscopic perovskite solar cells(p-MPSCs) developed and fabricated by Wondersolar LLC. and the latest process made by the team.  

In the programs, journalist Ms. Xiaoxue Li from Wuhan Broadcasting and Television Station shows us how the p-MPSCs works outdoors: the fan runs fast after plugging it into a p-MPSC with a size of 60×60cm2, the solar cell can directly provide power to the fan since it absorbs the sunlight and converts it into power. Like painting, we can print three different kinds of pastes made of nanomter materials onto the substrate FTO glassware which makes the whole process extremely simple. Meanwhile, the process can sharply reduce the cost of solar power, so as to Wondersolar is committed to enhance the development of carbon neutralization and promising hydrogen energy industry.

The p-MPSCs developed and fabricated by Wondersolar LLC. are reputed as HAN Cells whose intellectual property is totally possessed by Wondersolar. The technology is expected to be transformative to break through the current photovoltaic technology bottlenecks. Wondersolar has completed the construction of the worlds largest perovskite solar cells demonstration station since July 2020, and the demonstration station has been working stably for over 10 months. From that way it shows Wondersolar has achieved the word-leading accomplishments on the commercialization of perovskite solar cells and it is ready for large scale production. With supports from governments at all levels, a brand new Wondersolar (Gedian) industrial park with an area size of 112,000 m2 is under construction, and it is expected to realize mass production by the first half of 2022.         

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